Rafael Hernandez-Brito, known as Rafa “El Alcalde” is the Spanish Voice of 2016 NBA Champions, the Cleveland Cavaliers. He brings his high-energy style of play-by-play to each game broadcast airing through La Mega 87.7 FM.

Hernandez-Brito is the first Hispanic sportscaster to have called finals in all three major sports in the U.S. He is a syndicated sportscaster in the US and Latin America with the ability to call/analyze all major sports, showcasing an extensive career in sports radio and television in the Hispanic market. His road to the microphone is an American dream, a testament of his hard work, dedication, and transparency, which are the pillars to his success.Rafa was the voice of the New Jersey Nets 1997-2001, also called the basketball games of the University of St. John’s during the same period. He was the first Spanish voice of the Brooklyn Nets in 2010-2012.

During his outstanding career at Univision he served as the voice of NFL for the Spanish broadcasts of Univision Radio Network from 2003 to 2013 including Pro Bowls and Super Bowls, and was the play-by-play in Spanish for the Miami Dolphins. Rafa served as Director of Sports for Univision Radio Network in 2005-2012, and the creator/host/Executive Producer of “Locura Deportiva” the most successful sports program of Univision Radio, presiding frank colorful discussions, often comical about the issues of the day. He was also the creator and host of “El Garage de AutoZone,” a morning automotive show, perhaps best described as a Spanish version of the immensely popular NPR program “Car Talk”.

Rafa is a charismatic individual, passionate about his work, always prepared, and knowledgeable on all sports. Throughout his extensive career he has also narrated Major League Baseball, Mixed Martial Arts, UFC, and Boxing, in addition to having covered the Mexican League, and the last five World Cups.Rafa finished high school in Locust Valley, New York. He went on to earn a degree in Mechanical Engineering at Boston University, followed by a flourishing career in sales and Marketing with Coors Brewing Co. Although successful; one day he decided to change course and follow his passion for sports broadcasting, enrolled in school, and has worked diligently to bring excellent content to his audience ever since.